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Complete Oral Healthcare at India Viking.

Company Overview

Say goodbye to all your dental problems and smile with confidence as we, INDIA VIKING aim to improve the quality of your life by offering a gamut of world class Oral Care Products  and Dental Instruments manufactured exclusively in Sweden and Finland. Statistics reveal that Indians spend minimum on their oral hygiene, with the urban Indian spending more and more on Health Spas, Gyms, facials and plastic surgery, completing ignoring the most important region of the body-The Mouth!! Bad teeth, bad breath is the major cause of ill health and this very important area is being treated with great casualness. With bad /ugly teeth and bad breath your personality crashes!

INDIA VIKING is a well-known and prominent Importer, Trader and Supplier of:

‘We care for Healthy Smiles’
">Oral hygiene products with the widest range in the world!
(Made in Sweden-Sold World wide):

-  Tooth Brushes, the most varied range in the world, 26 Options from Every Day to Super-Specialist brushes catering to newly born infants to Senior Citizens. (from 2400 to 12000 filaments!)

-  Inter-Dental Brushes (20 different International types & sizes) our Global Best Sellers. (matched by none)

-  Mini Flossers and Dental Floss (Unique in every sense)

-  Tongue Cleaners (superb)

-  Swedish birch wood dental sticks (out of the ordinary)

-  Unique hand grips for  children and the elderly (we care..!)
(73% of all households in Sweden use TePe toothbrushes)

LM-Dental Finland
‘’Feel the Difference’’
Hand Held Dental Instruments
(Made in Finland & Sweden)

Acknowledged to be the most superior instruments in the world, used by top dentists, some even serving Royal Families all over the world. The pioneer in ergonomics using advanced LM-DuraGradeMAX supersteel with non-slip and natural grips made of silicon, made in Finland & Sweden. The instruments being light-weight with optimized design  have been proven to prevent occupational diseases such as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) so often experienced by Dentist working with inferior equipment.  Good tactile sensitivity and easy handling of an LM-dental instrument guarantees the best clinical result. Reliability, wear resistance and comfort are the features and hall mark of these amazing instruments that will be evident for both the dentist and the patient.

The unique and sought after range of LM-Dental Instruments cover:

-LM Dental ( Handle selection )

-DIAGNOSTICS: (Mirror handles-Explorers-Probes)

-PERIODONTICS (Sickle scalers-Universal & Gracey Curettes-Ergo-Mix with exchangeable tips-Instrument Sets-Surgical handles)

-RESTORATION (Excavators-Gingival Margin Trimmers-Spatula-Cord Packers-Carriers-Pluggers-Burnishers-Modelling Instruments-Composite Instruments-Carvers-Excess Scalers-Filing MultiSeptor-LM-Cello StripHolder-Brush Application Tips-Instrument Sets

-Endodontics  (Endodontic files-Explorer-Excavators-Pluggers-Surgery

-Extraction (Elevators –Amazing Luxating Instruments-Root Tip Instruments)

-Orthodontics (Removable Appliances-Ortho Mirror Handle-Ligature Applicators-Arch Wire Tucker)

-Ultrasonics & Polishing (Pro-Power Devies, Tips, Accessories & Parts)

-Instrument handling & maintenance (Servo Cassettes-Tray Systems-Maintenance and much more)

The TePe and LM Dental Brands are accepted as World Class with no compromise on Quality, Efficiency and Efficacy.

At  INDIA VIKING we create awareness in the society about preventative dental care.

Oral hygiene is not only essential to lead a healthy life, but also to deter many severe diseases such as caries / periodontitis / cavities /plaque buildup and gingivitis, problems related to heart and other organs, digestion problems, and even oral cancer. Oral care is much more than just a good smile, therefore, we provide complete solutions for oral hygiene and deliver only reliable and top-quality products in the markets that are manufactured in SWEDEN – 100 %. We go the extra mile and put sincere efforts to bring the finest products for the users. The R&D departments at TePe & LM-Dental from FINLAND have spent years with the help of Leading Dentists, Dental Institutions and vast global experience to bring the latest technology and user friendly products to the world. Now in India!  At INDIA VIKING we engaged in a thorough research about the products, manufacturing procedures and quality standards. And then, we joined hands with these world class manufacturers to provide user-friendly, easy to use, durable and affordable oral care products for every day use and special care.

Over the years, our products have benefited several people/everyday users and widely utilized in number of reputed  hospitals and dental clinics. The most important reason that makes us apart from others is that we think beyond business and envision to build a healthy world.